Sebastian's PARKS & PROPERTIES Integrated Pest Management 

NEW Parks & Properties Integrated Pest Management Plan

The City of Sebastian Leisure Services Department is proud to present the newly created Integrated Pest Management Plan for City Parks and Properties. At the October 14th, 2020 City Council meeting Resolution No. R-20-12 was approved supporting the Integrated Pest Management Plan for Parks and Properties that was developed by the IPM Sub-Committee. 

The City of Sebastian’s Leisure Services Department is the steward of over 300 acres of land at more than 25 locations, including community parks, city grounds, street medians, pathways, and sports facilities. Large park areas comprise 280 acres of the properties. Within the City’s parks there are: 10 tennis courts, 11 playgrounds, 8 pickle ball courts, 4 basketball courts, 3 football/soccer fields, 5 baseball/softball fields, 3 volleyball courts, a dog park, a splash pad, and a skate park. This plan will not cover any of the ponds, canals, and ditches within these properties. These features are managed collectively by the City’s Stormwater Department and will be addressed with a separate IPM Plan. The park lands offer a large array of recreation and enrichment opportunities for people of all ages.

The City’s Municipal Cemetery is managed by the Public Facilities Department. The 11 acre property consists primarily of sodded groundcover and is subject to frequent foot traffic, beyond its roads and paths.
 Therefore, for the purposes of controlling pests on the property, the cemetery will be included into the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan as a part of the City parks and properties 

The Leisure Services and Public Facilities Departments are charged with maintaining these diverse landscapes in a safe, attractive, healthy, and useful condition. These properties represent a major component of the City’s capital assets and the City recognizes its responsibility to its employees, park users, and the general public, and seeks to employ the highest professional standards in the performance of its duties. To best manage pests on City properties, City staff and contractors will continue utilizing the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) through the implementation of an IPM Plan.

A Special Thanks to the City of Sebastian's Integrated Pest Management Sub-Committee Members. This Integrated Pest Management Plan is the collaborative product of hard work, in-depth discussion, thoughtful review, and peer-reviewed scientific research conducted over five (5) months, by the following charter members of the IPM Sub-Committee:

Natural Resources Board Members
Kathy Brothers
Brian O’Neill
Thomas Carrano
Jessica Lovell

Scientific Advisors
Dr. Graham Cox, Pelican Island Audubon Society
Christine Kelly-Begazo, University of Florida- IFAS Indian River County Extension Office
Sharon Tyson, Florida State Parks
Ruth Callaghan, CEAC (Certified Environmental Analytical Chemist)

City of Sebastian Staff
Brian Benton, Leisure Services Director
Kimberly Haigler, IPM Coordinator